This editorial is about the 21 various types of medical instruments. HNM Medical publishes editorial explaining in detail about medical procedures and surgical instruments such as dilator, pessary, forceps and other medical tools.

Medical Instrument: #3 Knife Handle

Alias: Scalpel

Used for: Holds a knife blade.

Detail Info: Primarly for the 15, 11, 10 knife blades.

Medical Instrument: #7 Knife Handle

Used for: Is used to attach a knife blade.

Detail Info: Use with a 15 Blade.

Medical Instrument: 10 Blade

Alias: Skin Blade

Used for: To cut into the skin.

Detail Info: Attaches to a #3 Handle.

Medical Instrument: 15 Blade

Used for: Multi-function blade

Detail Info: Used on the #3 or #7.

Medical Instrument: 11 Blade

Used for: To cut

Detail Info: Is primarily used to cut laparoscopic trocars with surgical instrument sets.

Medical Instrument: Neuro-Spine Surgery

Alias: Hockey stick

Used for: Dissection

Medical Instrument: Adenoid Curette

Used for: Curetting

Detail Info: Used for ENT andenoid-ectomies.

Medical Instrument: Alexander Periosteotome

Used for: Dissection

Detail Info: Primary found in chest vascular sets

Medical Instrument: Angled Debakey

Used for: To grab

Detail Info: Used for a tonsillectomy.

Medical Instrument: AP Suction

Alias: Tonsil Suction

Used for: Primarily used for suction.

Medical Instrument: Babcock

Used for: To grab

Detail Info: For Grasping soft tissue, lymph nodes and bowel tissue.

Medical Instrument: Beaver Blade Handle

Used for: Cutting

Detail Info: Typically for small orthopedic surgeries such as hand & foot surgery.

Medical Instrument: Rib Shear

Used for: To cut

Detail Info: Large bone cutting shear

Medical Instruments: Electrocautery Pencil

Alias: Bovie

Used for: Cutting and coagulation

Detail Info: In order for it to do its job which is coagulation and cutting of the tissue. It needs to plug into marijuana regulation and taxation act (ESU) electro surgical unit. The patient will need to have a grounding pad in order for it to work.

Medical Instrument: Breast Template

Alias: Cookie Cutter

Used for: Template

Detail Info: Used for the restoration of nipples during breast procedure.

Medical Instrument: Brun Currette

Used for: Curretting bone

Detail Info: Comes in different angles of degrees because of the head. It also comes in various degrees of cup sizes.

Medical Instrument: Finochietto

Used for: Retraction

Detail Info: Generally for thoracic procedure, used to spread & retract the rib cage.

Medical Instrument: Sayer Elevator

Alias: Butter Knife

Used for: Breaking nasal bone or septal.

Medical Instrument: Carmault

Used for: Clamp

Detail Info: The same size as a peon and bigger than the Kelly, it clamps the bowel with its carmault.

Medical Instrument: Cartilage Block

Used for: To cut the surface.

Detail Info: During the process of rhinoplasty surgery, the cartilage block is used for preparation of the grafts.

Medical Instrument: Cartilage Crusher

Used for: To crush

Detail Info: Used for crushing cartilage for re-implantation during nose surgeries.

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